First snowfall of the year

All looked well at Asher’s follow up appointment on his ears! As far as his voice, the doctor again said we would just continue to keep an eye on him and Asher should outgrow it. We go back in six months to continue to monitor him.

As far as my health, I am having more difficult days with the fatigue, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. I am able to push through with a lot of quick breaks throughout the day, however. My leg, well my back I guess, has also become more symptomatic so I am back to physical therapy a few times a week. But enough about my health for now because we have had a fun packed weekend and it’s only Saturday  🙃

First off, Leah danced at the holiday celebration in town today and what fun she had! Only one other girl showed up from her class but that didn’t slow Leah down! 

Santa was even there and while Asher was able to hide from him…Nathan wasn’t! 

And then…over a foot of snow for our first winter storm of the year!! Of course we’re going to play outside!!


Ranger rides are always my and Tim’s favorite although the kids were ready to be done after one round!
 And when you have cattle…every day is a work day so while daddy and Asher got the waters ready for winter out in the barn… 

 Leah and I warmed up with some hot chocolate inside!

And Skyler was being her usual influence…  
Once Tim, Nathan and Skyler left to go do chores over at the farm, Asher helped me prepare dinner… 

 Then, after everyone was home, fed, showered and ready for bed… by far the best date night Tim and I have had in a long time…at least I think so!! No movie, not even dinner…just me and him taking a moonlight stroll…on the ranger!!   

We got all bundled up in our snow gear, because it was only 4 degrees out, and tootled along the tree lines and through the open fields until we stopped on top of the hill, turned off the engine and sat…just me and my husband with complete stillness all around us! The beautiful crisp sky with shining stars and shimmering branches from the frost. 
So, you know me and you know I have my moments, and sitting  there was my moment. 

With fm starting to show its ugly face again, everyday things, even walking up a few stairs, is back to causing me to have to sit down and catch my breath. Working a full day is also getting harder and I am needing to take quick power naps to hopefully give me enough energy to make it through the rest of the day. 

And if it’s not my heart slowing me down, it’s my dang leg and again I find my self standing like a flamingo, as Tim likes to refer me to, just to relieve the extreme pain. My whole body seems so broken right now.

So, I definitely have had more fm symptoms recently, but that is what this disease does…strikes anytime. I have also not been holding back anything in my daily routine, on top of the cold windy weather setting in which does not help the pressure in my chest at all.

While sitting in that moment with my husband…a moment he probably has no idea about haha…it reminded me of what life’s all about…making time for family, Tim and I taking time for ourselves and especially reminding me of how big our God is and how well I really am being taken care of. 

Our perfect God giving me another perfect day with my family. Reminding me that symptoms or no symptoms, every day is something truly amazing.

Who knew snow could be so deep?! Ahahaha, get it?! 🤓 Thank you for all of your continued prayers!

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