Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh the joys of Black Friday shopping! I will admit I love getting a good deal but even more, I like grabbing the last item on the shelf knowing that I was one of the fortunate few to get what I went in for! And I actually love getting up at 3am to grab a donut and my fountain pop before standing in line early enough to get a head start on everyone! Even better, Skyler had started coming with me last year! But, Black Friday just isn’t the same now that it starts at 6pm on Thanksgiving night so I opted to shop online this year. 

I really wasn’t going to go shopping on Thanksgiving night but, as I was checking out online…the item I was trying to buy…ended up selling and it was the last one! I wasn’t fast enough and lost it right out of my cart, just as I was putting in my debit card number!! So, I am the type of person where that incident made me want that item even more!  Yes, I know, that is so wrong and I’m trying to work on that!! But now, I have a Black Friday mission! I ran to Walmart here in town and was able to get everything I wanted! And really, it wasn’t that busy! 

But the best part about Black Friday, it’s also the day we go chop down our Christmas tree! Something Tim and I have done with the kids since we were married! This year we all agreed on a smaller tree and after some time walking around, we found the right one for us!

Isn’t it cute to see so many willing helpers?  

Who would ever guess that Skyler and Leah are sisters haha!!  

As we waited for our tree to get shaken out and wrapped up, Leah took the opportunity to tell Santa want she wants for Christmas!  

Once home the decorating began!!   


Oh Skyler…    

 And I absolutely love this picture!! There is nothing more amazing than seeing a part of my husband in our son! This concentration is a Lalk thing😉 
Tim and Skyler also tried getting a game plan for my outdoor decorations but as usual, our time was cut short due to Tim needing to get back to evening chores. Hopefully we will get everything up before the next snowfall though!!  

Today was a perfect day! I am extremely thankful to have all of our kids home to celebrate with us this year! And while I was able to land a 4 piece bedding Avengers set for Asher…yes, that was my big hot item I was after haha, nothing compares to watching my kids chase each other through the trees, laughing and smiling and making faces at each other…being a family! 

While we have our arguments, our  disagreements and with my health, there are so many times I question if I can really pull this whole “mommy” thing off…in moments like this, I see God’s grace and am reminded that He chose me to be a mom specifically for these kids! All I can do is thank Him for the many undeserved blessings He has given me and for giving us times of joy and happiness in the midst of our struggles. 

God is good and while I got everything I “wanted” shopping last night, today God provided me with everything I needed…and nothing can compare to God and family 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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