Barbie in a box 

What a busy and fun couple of days it has been! And now we are done! Kids actually get a chance to stay home and play with their new toys! I will admit, the game Pie Face, was pretty funny to play!

 And Leah was ecstatic to get her Barbie dream house. The kids were even nice enough to help dad put it together…   
I guess head first is one way to get all the pieces out of the box!😃


 And apparently the box is just as fun… 

I picked the easier toy to assemble and so far it’s still standing!  

Now that all of our Christmas celebrations are over it’s time to get back to business…at least Tim says so. 😉 He landed me an interview on our local news station Kwwl Channel 7 and we just recorded it today, meaning it will air tomorrow, Sunday on the 5pm and 10pm news. I was able to discuss what fibrosing mediastinitis is as well as my book so hoping to bring more awareness to this disease!!

I continue to have that hard cough, along with the chest pain/pressure and hoarseness, which will probably be noticed in the interview. So, while I might look rough and sound worse…my left lung is still going strong…and I did win a serious game of Spoons while spending time with Tim’s family on Christmas Day…so I will be okay! 😜It was a great day with all of us together…not just because I won…but because there was a lot of laughter!! And well, okay, we played several rounds of the game Spoons, so really I have nothing to brag about with just winning one! 😉

I am so thankful for another year of blessings and I was once again humbled by how good God is as I watched all four of our kids sit in church at the Christmas Eve candlelight service listening to the story about Jesus being born…the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve also heard the shrieks of excitement from opening their gifts, seeing them all come together to play and have fun….being a family! 

While Tim and I have had our share of struggles, those hardships truly have been blessings because it has grown us stronger in our faith and brought us closer as a family…and that alone makes for the perfect gift!

Now,don’t forget to tune in to Kwwl channel 7 news tomorrow at 5pm and 10pm! Depending how bad it is will depend if I share it🤓

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