Good With The Bad

Our first TV interview on a local news station and I must say my husband nailed it! I am so proud of him…and no odd lingering silence😉. Feel free to share this video…and maybe it will go viral as awareness for fibrosing mediastinitis! Haha, figure while we have some momentum no better time than now to push it! And thank you to everyone who has already shared it! Here is the link…

While I am amazed at Tim’s persistence in getting my book out there, and perhaps sometimes annoyed just because persistence is not my strong point😬…I am so thankful for him to have the opportunity to focus on something positive during such a trying time. His strength is my weakness in so many areas!!

The last couple of years have really been a struggle in regard to my health and it seems as though this is going to continue in to the new year. 

Today I got a call from my lung doctor confirming that my right lung has indeed collapsed more, most likely the reason for my reoccurring symptoms of this horrible cough, to the point I am getting sick every night, along with the piercing chest pain/pressure and head pain. By far the worst of symptoms I have dealt with in a very long time! I will be trying some medications including an inhaler, something I’ve never tried before, to see if that helps ease my symptoms. 

I am also waiting to hear back from my other doctor in regard to new blockage in some different arteries around my heart. As of now, although I most likely have more obstacles to face in the near future, no need to worry about what that may include until we know for sure.

Today I am just so thankful that while my right lung is getting worse…it’s already my bad lung and my left lung is still not affected at this time. So please, no reason to be sorry! I mean sure, we’ve hit a rough patch for quite some time now but, I’m still spending time with my kids, getting in date nights with my husband, meeting with our small group and making God the priority in our daily life. So while every day duties are definitely more of a challenge right now…I’m still doing them…and I’m still experiencing life!! For that I am grateful! 

After I got the call from my doctor today, this song popped up in my timeline. I felt it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Have I mentioned how much I love Sanctus Real and the way God shows me reassurance through their music?!

But now I am going to bed as it has been a physically draining day….not sure if it’s my health or being home with my youngest two all day😜 Oh, and definitely not as rough of a day as my husband had! He came home with ice in his beard and eyelashes! 😬😳😍 Stay safe and warm everybody! 

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