Seven Years of Wedded Bliss…

Today Tim and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and boy does it seem a lot longer than seven years! 😬 

As for celebrating, we took the family to church then over to grandpa and grandma’s for dinner. The kids got to play and have fun with their cousins while the adults were able to visit and catch up on how the week had been treating us! 

Once Tim was home from chores we pretty much did nothing! And that is okay! We hung out and just enjoyed the quiet after the kids were in bed 😉

And when I’m surrounded by quiet…I think! Sometimes that’s a good thing😏

As I have shared, I have had a lot of severely unexpected complications and progression with my disease recently. I have also shared that one of the worst things about this, is when I see how it affects my husband. And honestly, if the tables were turned I don’t know if I could be as supportive and strong as he is. 

I mean, if it was me watching him go through all of the health struggles, the pokes from routine testing, the constant scans due to new progression and trying to figure out what and if anything can be done to help him…to see him struggle every day and think that I could lose him far too soon than I ever dreamed I would?! I don’t know if I could handle it, so how does he deal with that?!

Well, from what I’ve seen…he deals with it through his sarcasm and sense of humor. And I give it right back to him! For instance, and my mom gets SOOO mad when we joke so skip this paragraph mom😉 but, Tim recently has been encouraging me to spend as much time as I can with the kids, basically incase I am dead soon, aka…really because he just doesn’t want to deal with the kids! Haha!

Well, anyone who knows me, knows I don’t keep quiet on things like that😬 I on the other hand encourage him to do baths and bedtimes and homework so that he is able to function without me! 

YESSSSS, I know this might be morbid but what else can we do?! Tim amd I continue to pray and laugh and live!! If we didn’t joke we would be crying!!

Because, while I love him dearly for making me laugh, it also pains me knowing he’s making jokes the same reason I do…to mask our underlying fears of what might be! I know my husband well, and the more sarcasm he has…the more sad or scared he is🙁

But these underlying fears are when we are able to step back and pray! Because if we lived in fear of what MIGHT be, what a sad life we would live! Of course Tim and I are fully aware of what I am facing! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if my heart, my lung and my airways are affected…

Yet, Tim continues to be by my side at every appointment, well minus the female stuff☺️ While I know my illness is also killing him inside, he is always there for me!! And how amazing is he to put my needs ahead of his own fears and feelings!

Tim and I have had our share of rough patches, to say the least. We have done and said things to each other that we are not proud of but we didn’t just give up…and we didn’t ignore them either! We we able to reach out for help, we were able to admit our wrongdoings and we were able to forgive.

Marriage can stink at times! That is for sure, and throw in one of us with drastic health problems?! Honestly, it almost tore us apart…I felt inadequate as a wife and the stress and pain was too much for Tim at times, but I am thankful we pushed through and it has actually brought us closer together. 

Because honestly, I have often wondered what’s the point of building our marriage if I won’t be around long? And thankfully Tim and I both realized how wrong that is to think!  
If I’m not around long, I’m not going to simply stop living and caring about others! I’m actually going to love like I have never loved before and make ever moment count!   

So, while Tim and I have had our share of difficulties, I am so grateful that he has honored the vows he took before God! He is here through my sickness, and we know these new issues will bring on a whole new set of obstacles and challenges. Tim continues to work hard to provide for our family yet he also tries to help out with the kids or the house or the shopping when he can see me struggling…all while still being with me at all of my appointments.

God brought this man in to my life ten days after I had searched over five years to find a doctor who could help me. I believe Tim is my soulmate, the man God chose for me to be with! 

I am beyond grateful that God has him beside me to be my life partner, my shoulder to cry on, to support and encourage me throughout this crazy life and most importantly, to make me laugh. We have had so many laughs and so many tears and through all the tears, Tim always finds ways to make me smile!

Happy anniversy to an amazing father, husband and a great man! Here’s to seven years behind us and to many more ahead! 

So, thank you to my wonderful husband Tim for loving me at my best…and for standing by me through my worst! I love you always and forever 😉😍 

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