Week of many blessings

Well, never ended up hearing back from the doctors so we will see what next week brings. Actually that’s okay because I haven’t felt the best this week. I did skip out on my nebulizer a day or two because we’ve had some busy days, which resulted in chest pressure and my cough attacks coming back…so yes, I started it up again! 

Or I might also have a touch of a cold too so definitely not doing any type of surgery or procedure until I feel healthy…well no viral infection that is😉 

I had my diabetic follow up as well as labs this week and everything looks great on that end. Cholesterol is even perfect so my blocked coronary artery is definitely not the result of a bad diet😉 

It has been a long week but a great week! Nathan celebrated his 12th birthday…  


And Leah lost her first tooth!!  

Tim and I also had the opportunity to meet and hang out with some people from our new church as well!

And I even got to nap with this little guy earlier in the week…  

What a terrific week filled with all of the amazing people God has surrounded us with!!

I again can’t thank you enough for all of the unexpected blessings…so many praying for us along with the support and encouragement that continues to come our way. We are beyond blessed to have all of you on this journey with us! Thank you and I will keep you posted as to what next week brings!

Enjoy your weekend! 

One thought on “Week of many blessings

  1. Nancy Lalk says:

    Love the honesty of this post & the pictures! My how the time flies! Hard to believe that Nathan is 12 already! Leah is so cute & picture perfect with her missing tooth. Smiled at the good times & will pray about the bad times. Hang in there Lady cause God’s not finished with you yet! Hugs, Aunt Nancy

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