Snow Day!!!

With the blizzard and winter storm warnings issued last night, school was cancelled early and the kids were so excited to know that they would be able to sleep in! Which they did, and I was able to work most of the morning…but then it was time to clean house! I figured I would start with the toy box…and once I realized what a bad idea that was, I told Tim he was in charge of the kids and cleaning and I went back to working! 

After some continued encouragement…and bribing, all the kids chipped in to help…with Tim doing the majority of the deep cleaning 😉    
I didn’t say they were happy about it 😄


And while the kids didn’t really play outside, you definitely cannot have a snow day without baking cookies!   

Skyler always likes making one big cookie for dad!  

And then it was chore time again for Tim! 

As well as cleaning out our terribly long and steep driveway!   


I will admit…the first 15 minutes after the kids were up, I was starting to understand why some parents don’t like snow days…especially parents who work at home some days! 😳😬 

But, I got my hours in and I was still able to  have some fun with the kids so it was a win win for everyone…and I am extremely thankful that the day turned out so well! 

As of now no delays for tomorrow but sounds like another round coming through tonight so we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, bedtime for the kids and quiet time for me🙃
Enjoy the rest of your night everyone!

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