Friday has come and gone and I am thankful for that! While hearing there is nothing they can do, can be discouraging, I was extremely happy to hear the doctor say my airways looked better than what he thought he would see! 

First off, Dr.Thomas is AMAZING! He spent the first half hour going over my scans and explaining everything in great detail…and in a way we were able to understand what he was saying! As he began talking about stenting, I knew right away that in my position…I did not want them! The doctor even agreed that the benefits would not be worth the risk of stenting. But he also said he would just have to get in and look around to see how bad it was.

And then it was time to go get the bronchoscopy done!   

The team of nurses and doctors were wonderful and had the same humor I do🙃 They did have difficulty with my IV at first but once that was in we walked back to the surgical room. 

An ultrasound of my heart was done first to measure my pulmonary pressures and a med student, who was observing, questioned why a heart ultrasound for a bronchoscopy? I couldn’t help but laugh and waited for it…wait for it…”well, Rebecca is an unusual case.” 🙃

They made me gargle with some nasty stuff that numbed my mouth and throat. The nurse put on a face shield and I was tempted to ask if he was going to be welding something!! Then it was time for the meds, and they began to kick in as the nurse explained the next steps which included spray that would result in a lot of coughing.

While they continued to prep me one of the nurses asked how I was feeling and I said I was doing pretty well. In the back I heard another nurse yell, “did she just respond? She needs more meds” and that was the last thing I remember 😌 

I vaguely remember seeing the tube above me as they were pulling it out but then I went back to sleep. After the procedure Dr. Thomas talked to Tim and my sister until I was more aware of what was going on. I am so grateful for my sister coming to be with us but I don’t have a clue what she was talking about here…☺️ Love you Michelle😘 

Overall the airways looked pretty good and the doctor was actually glad they looked better than he thought! My pulmonary artery stents, however, are pushing on one of my major airways but thankfully it is nothing to be concerned of at this time. He reports that fortunately there is just enough opening in each of my airways for air to pass through so he feels that it’s very important for me to continue with the nebulizer to help keep those airways open.
The one area that was significantly narrowed is unfortunately not able to be stented due to the location. My middle lung is also more collapsed and he feels this is what might play in to my coughing and other symptoms. 

He also discovered some fluid in my lung and explained that blood is getting to my lung, however, the blood is not able to drain or flow back out of the lung due to the middle part of my lung collapsed…and the middle part can’t be stented due to it being completely blocked. So my vessels are buldging… 

He does think the fluid is venous blood, blood that should be going to the heart but don’t quote me on that? He was able to get samples of the fluid and hopefully we will hear back and have more clear answers by the beginning of the week. 

I will admit, normally I get grumpy with results like this…results that verify my symptoms, results that also confirm nothing can be done. But, the fact that my airways looked a lot better than expected is a huge relief! 

While of course I don’t like relying on the nebulizer to help maintain me, I am thankful there is something available to manage my symptoms. 

I also have to give a HUGE thank you to all of you who prayed for me and for all of those who prayed with me and Tim! I have a long list of verses I keep when people share them and I was reviewing them numerous times before my procedure. 

And once in the operating room, I had my life verse to give me comfort…although I am concerned that I said it out loud something like “she is clothed with strength and dignity…and oh boy am I going to laugh at this in the days to come!” And then I chuckled!! Haha! Oh well, if that’s the worst thing I said out loud then I should be okay😜

But point being, all of your prayers brought  calmness and comfort in a situation where I wasn’t sure I would be able to get through, so again, thank you!!!

Tim and I were able to make our date night out to dinner at church for Valentine’s Day!!   

 It was wonderful food and we got a chance to get to know a few more people along with a lot of laughs!

I am still a little sore and getting tired easily along with the coughing so it’s time to hit the nebulizer and go to bed! 

Another blessed day to be grateful for! Goodnight! 

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