Sooner Than Later

I received an unexpected call from Dr. Thomas’ office yesterday and it sounds like after our consult on Friday…we are going to do the procedure!  Yikes!! I was able to get the majority of my questions answered via telephone so I do feel somewhat better about what is to come. 

Tim is hesitant about it happening so quickly…well, about me doing this at all but honestly, I had a really REALLY tough weekend…and something needs to be done. This procedure has to happen at one time or another and I would rather just get it over and done with. 

Friday will possibly just be the first step in the process anyway. Dr. Thomas plans to go in via bronchoscopy and get measurements as well as attempt to open some of the airways that are narrow. If I do need stents, they will not put them in that day but instead, they will have to order the appropriate sizes and then I would have to go back and get them put in at another time. Praying airways aren’t as bad as they think and this simple ballooning will keep them open without needing stents.

Of course we won’t know my exact situation until they are actually in to see what’s going on. And depending on how my airways look will depend on the level of risk the procedure involves as well as the time it takes. 

If all goes well, which it will, it sounds like I will only need to be in recovery for about an hour or so and then I can come back home!

My wonderful sister is also meeting us at the hospital on Friday so Tim will have someone to visit with while I’m in the surgical room. Thanks sis and while Tim is always by himself during my other numerous procedures, I know he will appreciate the company and distraction for this one!

I am confident it will go fast and I am confident all will go smooth. God already has this taken care of so no need to worry about the what ifs. I have been doing the nebulizer every four hours, every day which has drastically helped my cough, however, I continue to get shaky and my sugars spike after each use. I am hopeful that Friday will be a success and I won’t need to worry about anymore breathing treatments for awhile!

We have an amazing God and Tim and I also have a wonderful team of support with so many of you praying with us and for us! We cannot even begin to describe what a comfort that is so thank you all for the prayers and willingness to help in any way needed😭😊

Tim and I have dinner plans on Saturday night at church so I don’t intend on missing date night with my amazing husband😍

Excellent song I’ve been listening to…

And just because this little guy melts my heart and makes me smile…just like his daddy! 😍😄😍 


But those loafers…


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