Thankful for a few better days…

Another busy week has flown by and I am ready for the weekend! 

Monday night I stood up in front of the City council and was able to get a Proclamation for the City of Waverly to acknowledge Rare Disease Day annually! Yes!! 

Tuesday night Leah had her performance at school and at first she told me she didn’t want to do it because she’s shy. I reminded her that all she has ever talked about is singing and dancing on a stage and that is what she would be doing. She thought about it for a minute, said “oh yeah” and then got dressed and was ready to go! She did a great job of singing and dancing and oh how proud we were of her! 😍

 Afterwards, we went out to dinner with family…and ran in to even more family and friends so it turned out to be a big celebration which the kids really enjoyed!

Wednesday was dance and then church night for the kids. Tim and I also started a new class on Good and Angry…yeah, it will be a great class for us! Haha! The first night was excellent and really stirred up a lot of good conversation from Tim so I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks!

Tonight was our first night of nothing…and Nathan’s turn to cook which he chose little pizza burgers…surprisingly! He  did a great job and even offered for Asher to put the finishing touches on.    

 They turned out perfect and Nathan was already making suggestions to me for the next meal he wants to prepare!

Tomorrow night is Skyler’s band performance and then the weekend is here!!

I am still fighting my symptoms of fatigue and shortness of breathe, etc. but look at the week we have had…and this isn’t counting working and managing the house and kids! I am soooo thankful that I have had better days and am not missing out on life!!

And speaking of life…we have had two great couples that we know, have babies in the last couple of days! A little boy and then the other couple had a little girl so please keep them all in your prayers as they adjust to their new precious little loved ones! 

Thank you again for all of the texts and messages and cards full of support and encouragement! And mom and dad, thank you for the beautiful balloon and candy bouquet with the gift card! What a nice surprise today and extremely appreciated!   

It truly is overwhelming at how many prayers are being said for us and we are beyond grateful! 😍😍

Enjoy your weekend everyone and hope to see you on Monday!😉

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