Cross one off on the bucket list!

What a couple of exciting days it has been around here! Before I get to that, however, I will do a quick update on test results so that we can get the discouraging news out of the way! 

As for the fluid on my lung and me feeling so awful…the cultures came back negative in regard to certain fungi and other infections. This is good news…expected news…but this also means there are no medications or treatments that will improve my symptoms. The doctor confirmed that all of my symptoms are related to the progression of my FM and he was simply ruling out other possible causes. Once again, this means I am left to deal with my symptoms but thankfully the nebulizer is at least helping my cough! 

I also got my new treadmill on Friday as my doctor had encouraged me to try to do 10 consecutive minutes of exercise a day, regardless of the fact that I am very active throughout the day with my kids…but it’s not the same. Tim got it all set up and I was very excited to try it out! But really, only 10 minutes? That’s nothing! I used to run miles!! 

After a lousy one minute though, my heartrate was up to 170…and I could feel the burn in my chest and head…instead of my legs! This should come as no surprise to me since I feel like this everytime I go up the stairs…but I thought for sure I could handle walking!! 

Needless to say I was a discouraged so I just went to bed 😩

With that being said, the start of a discouraging weekend ended with an amazing date night!! Tim and I are working on a bucket list and while we didn’t go to Chicago or New York to attend a play…I did get him tickets for the national Broadway show called Once, at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center!   

Skyler helped pretty me up for the big night😉
And even though we have not had 3 consecutive days of 60 degree weather which is Tim’s guideline for when the beard comes off, he shaved knowing how excited I was about this night!!!    

 And then Tim and I were off to dinner..

Finally a Broadway show and we weren’t sure what to expect. The voices and the songs and the performers…EVERYTHING about it was AMAZING!!! We had great box seats right up front in the second balcony and got the opportunity to move even closer after intermission!! Of course I cried but there was also a lot of laughter!! Such a powerful moving performance and sitting next to my husband with his arm around me made it that much better 😉  


  It was a perfect night and I loved everything about it…even Tim enjoyed himself and opened every door for me! What a perfect gentleman😉😍 

So while I got discouraging news on Friday, it didn’t keep me from enjoying the rest of the weekend! I know I will have more bad days to come but better days are always around the corner too and those better days are what makes the battle worth fighting!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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