A Blog About Nothing

It has been a long week so I have really been looking forward to the weekend. A weekend to lay low and relax…but really, “relax” is not in the vocabulary when you have cows and kids like princess Leah…notice her sticker earrings  😍  Then this morning I was staying positive and ready to make it a happy Friday! I got up early to shower and do my daily devotion before the kids got up, because once they’re up…chaos begins🙄

And…as I was upstairs in my closet trying to find something to wear, Leah comes up and says we need to move. Tim and I asked her why and she nonchalantly says, as she waves her hands in the air, “because this is an old house and there is always water falling from the ceiling”😳

Yep, sure enough that got Tim out of bed real fast and as he went rushing downstairs to see what Leah was talking about, I yelled at Skyler through the door, who was taking a shower, to turn the water off…NOW!! Sorry Skye!

The water was leaking through the walls and the ceiling!!! Ugh, needless to say that sucked up a lot of my annoyingly peppy and happy mood! 

Oh…and words of advice…when water is flowing everywhere and the door and the walls and the floor are all wet….THIS is not a good time to remind your husband of the “good and angry” class you’re taking at church😬 The look he gave me reminded me that I should probably just let him be and go do my nebulizer😜

We were able to get it cleaned up and due to Tim never being eager to work on plumbing…that shower is definitely off limits for now!!

Thankfully Tim and I did not let this set our theme for the day! We said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways…which eventually ended up going better for both of us. 

As far as appointments, I get to enjoy one more FULL week before I go back to Iowa City!! Wahoo!! I will also go back to the eye doctor soon in hopes that all is still well and no more surgeries or injections will be needed!

So, with that being said, it’s time to unwind from the day. Time for movie night which also means popcorn! Hope I can stay awake 🙃   

Enjoy your weekend and the nice weather everyone!

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