Over The River And Through The Woods To Grandmothers’ House We Go…

Tim and I took the kids to see my grandmas over the weekend and we had a very nice visit with them and my parents! My uncle from New Mexico is also in town and it’s always fun chatting with him as well! 

We also saw my brother Ryan and Sarah and their little ones so the cousins were able to get a chance to play together outside while we all visited at grandma Doris’!   Then we had a pizza party at grandma Ruth’s!  
And again grandma Ruth…I am really sorry that Asher tormented your bird and tried to let him out of the cage!!😬😳😜 He and Leah just couldn’t figure out how you “caught” the bird and why you were keeping him! Haha!

Then the rest of the weekend was spent laying low, hanging out with more family and cousins for Sunday dinner as well as trying to catch up on things around the house…seems like we’re always playing catch up these days though so nothing new there😉!

I am also back in Iowa City tomorrow to discuss the next and one of the last few resorts for all of my female issues…surgery😒 

Due to so many of my other health problems, no doctors have wanted to touch this issue. But, after the last SEVERAL months of trying different meds and treamtments…nothing is working. I will be doing another ultrasound to rule out any other causes for my pain/symptoms and if the ultrasound looks fine we will then weigh the pros and cons of doing the surgical procedure. 

It’s been an exhausting but good weekend. While I continue to battle my fm symptoms, we had a wonderful couple from church provide us a meal which really helped me out so that I didn’t have to stress about what to make, let alone have to cook…so thank you once again😍 We are so blessed!!

I am slowly feeling better and it’s just a matter of making sure I am being consistent with my nebulizer. And while it frustrates me knowing I need that to maintain my breathing…I am trying very hard to be thankful that there is at least something that CAN be done right now to maintain my level of health. 

With that being said, I’m tired, it’s past my bedtime and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow so goodnight! 🙃 

Hope everyone has a great start to your week!

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