More Than I Bargained For

Well, I had my appointment in Iowa City today and while I will be having surgery…it’s not necessarily what I expected.

I arrived early thinking I would get in and out but my ultrasound lead to some other concerns…concerns that were almost missed. There was a specific area on the ultrasound that looked “unusual” but the nurses kind of skimmed by it not really saying much. As they were finishing up, they suggested I wait where I was as they did have a concern about what they had seen…and when in doubt…they are supposed to follow up with the doctor.

Shortly after, the nurses came in, followed by the doctor, and a more intense ultrasound was done. It was discovered that I have a cyst on my ovaries, some other diagnosis that could be the cause of my current symptoms…and some polyps on my uterus. One of the polyps was quite large and very unusual so nurses had skimmed over it thinking it was some odd part of my body…because it did not appear as a “typical” polyp😜 But thankfully their intuition kicked in and they decided to have the doctor come check things out more closely.

Needless to say, the polyps are the major concerns! So…I will be having surgery. In fact, I will basically be doing three surgeries in one as I have three different issues going on. The hopes of course are that the polyps are not cancerous…and that the rest of the procedures will stop my current symptoms.

The downfall…6-8 weeks recovery!!! With all the procedures I have had, I have never been down that long! How do I do that with kids and a job?! A job that only a couple of us are left to do?! Nobody can do my job and this is an extremely critical time where I should not be missing work!

So, needless to say today was a very tough day! Due to all of my other health concerns, this will be an official surgery where I will go to the operating room instead of just an outpatient clinical procedure. The doctors confirmed that while all of these procedures are common…my health problems are not common and will be what makes the procedures risky!

With that being said, this last two weeks has come with extremely forceful challenges after challenges and my prayers have simply turned to silent prayers of tears! I am so overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives that I simply have no idea on how or what to pray for! So many things have bombarded us but I keep telling myself God is good and I need to believe that! 

And I also need to say that one thing that has been keeping me going is that our pastor and his wife came over to pray with us…before half of these issues even came about…and they prayed that they know how hard it is to be sick with kids…and for some reason that stuck out to me. They prayed acknowledging me as a mom…not just as an illness, but as a mommy…so I often think about their specific prayer and that truly helps me push forward through these challenges! 

I am so much more than just an illness or a burden but sometimes I forget that.  

 I am so thankful for all of you who encourage me or simply say things that make me laugh!

Life is extremely difficult and this season of sadness and obstacle after obstacle seems to be never ending…and while I have shed my share of tears, I know God will get me through all of these challenges!

So, that is all for now. Please pray for our entire family as we face some difficult times ahead of us! 

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