Another Article

While I am trying to raise awareness for this disease, it is always difficult for me to listen to the interviews or to read the articles after I have finished them…especially when my doctors are interviewed and quoted.

I don’t know why though because it’s not like they aren’t saying anything I haven’t  heard…but, it’s just different seeing it on paper…another confirmation of how sick I really am in writing I guess?!

I have often been accused of not taking the disease serious, or blowing off doctor limitations and at times, yes, I have done both! I have even been scolded for joking too much but honestly, if you really think about it, what is my other option? 

So, when I read these articles and hear the dramatic quotes or words throughout, I still tear up because I do fully understand the severity of my situation. And while I also joke and push myself, I have learned my limits and do listen to my body.

I am fully aware of how this disease is crushing my vital organs and arteries that I need to survive but, I am not going to let this disease crush my spirit. Even though I am in pain…I still have the right to smile and laugh and enjoy life with my family! 😍😉

Here is the link to my most recent article!

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