Lots of Leah!! 

While I have rough days with my fm symptoms, I know good days are always to follow! Well, I should say our days are what we make of them and the last few days have been pretty amazing! Friday I got the chance to enjoy lunch with Leah at school for an early birthday celebration!   
 And then I came home and finished another scrapbook…Tim calls it a sickness haha, but after three weeks of down time…I finally got pictures organized and into either albums or scrapbooks for all four of the kids!!!  

Tim was also able to come home later in the day on Friday and of all things…we sat on the swings and talked!!! Just me and him, messing around like kids and reevaluating what we both want and need to be changing in our lives in order to improve things between us and as a family. 

And it really didn’t hit me until that evening but Friday was actually a day I was praying for on Wednesday…a day where I prayed Tim and I could spend a fun day together. We didn’t plan it but it just kind of happened where we had a couple of hours to ourselves so we took advantage of it! And while it wasn’t anything too exciting, just us messing around out on the farm, it meant the world to me!!

Saturday was finally the big birthday and we were able to celebrate Leah turning six years old…at Chuck E. Cheese of course!      

 Today I got to visit Leah at school once again for a Mother’s Day celebration. The kids read to all of us moms and sang songs. Then Leah took me around her classroom and we got the chance to read more stories, play games and do puzzles…  

We also had some yummy snacks and opened up my special gifts!  


And if that all wasn’t fun enough…we finished out the day with recess!

  After the school day was over Leah and I snuck off to get some ice cream before picking up Asher…getting ice cream is a fun little tradition we like to do with each of the kids after their performances whether it’s Skyler after band or Nathan after orchestra. The smallest things seem to result in the biggest smiles! 

Needless to say it has been a busy few days…but amazing days and once we have a final band and orchestra concert for Skyler and Nathan…it will be the end of our school year! Where has the time gone?!

I also took the leap and started working again today so hopefully I can be back to my regular schedule in no time…that is after I get caught up! Yikes!! Boy, I will admit it was very hard to start working again! I sure did get used to focusing all of my time and energy on the kids…and it was absolutely wonderful!

Either way, I am thankful that I got to have some one on one with all of the kids and with Tim! No big trips..nothing too eventful but it really is the small things where the most joy can be found! 

Enjoy your week!

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