My husband and his sweet nothings…”You don’t look healthy” 

Today was Leah’s appointment for her ears and last minute we decided to all go as a family so that we could go out to lunch afterwards. Originally it was going to be Tim taking Leah so I had basically just showered and was in my usual weekend wear…nice and comfy clothes! Well I hurried up and changed and when I came back down Tim questioned how I was feeling and said I looked rough…followed by…it’s not my clothes but my hair and my…well,  “you don’t look healthy” he finished with. Have I mentioned how sweet my hubby is?!😜

But yes, I have tended to me more red, puffy and extremely exhausted looking!  I did start to get testy with him but caught myself because once again, he is at least starting to acknowledge that my health isn’t the greatest on days instead of ignoring it. But, maybe just a little bit out of spite…I went upstairs, ran the straightener through my hair a few times, put on a sweater and splashed a little foundation and lipstick on my face! And come to think of it…he really didn’t say I looked any better afterwards!😁

But anyway, back to the important stuff. All went well for Leah at her appointment!!

 And while she sure was enjoying herself…well daddy…he was realizing why I suggested I stay at home with Asher 😍  Leah did have some fluid in her ears but after examining her ears, nose and throat pretty thoroughly, the doctor feels her ears are related more to allergy reasons! That means no tubes and no removal of adenoids!! She does have to take a medication for six weeks but he is confident that will clear everything up! Again, I know this is common and not a big deal but we are extremely thankful for the outcome! 

We then headed down to the East Bremer Diner for some delicious lunch before going back home to hang out and play games while daddy was home for a few hours!

I also survived my first week back to work and am trying not to get overwhelmed with all the work I walked back in to! I had to laugh when my fmla paperwork came back from the doctor basically indicating that the fibrosing mediastinitis and all of my other issues could average 5-7 flare ups a month lasting a few days each time…meaning over half of every month!! Once again, thankful that my doctors recognize how hard this disease truly is on those of us affected by it! I definitely have been struggling more the last few years but am extremely grateful for the accommodations made for me to work at home. Plus, my job has the health insurance so definitely not ready to throw the towel in quite yet!!

Tim is also facing some challenges with his job but he is an extremely hard worker and dedicated to doing his best. We have both been praying about our cattle business and then all of this stuff pops up! So while we aren’t exactly sure how everything will play out or what God’s plan is, I know whatever happens God is watching over us…and maybe pray that we can figure out the direction He is trying to lead us in!😬

As far as my grandma, she is finally settled in to a nursing home as she just wasn’t safe being at home anymore. It is always hard to see but we know it’s best for her!

Other than that it’s been a low key weekend and those are always welcomed…and appreciated!! 

Now it’s time for bed so that I can be well rested for the big Danny Gokey concert tomorrow night!! Oh and remember…he replied on Facebook and told me to bring friends so whoever is in the area should definitely meet us there…I would hate to let him down!! 😜😍😂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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