From Dirt to Dresses…

Leah’s second year of dance has come and gone so fast! And the final week is always crunch time with extra practice and dress rehearsal in order to prepare them for two back to back recitals! But it’s also during this week where we get to see all of the hard work and dedication that the kids and the instructors have put in over the past year! It’s always a great performance…and it always brings me to tears😍😭

Leah was full of energy and ready for dress rehearsal… And while dress rehearsal was on a school night and lasted almost three hours…that didn’t stop her from trying to sneak some worms in to her room the next morning…yes, she poured dirt and 13 worms into her Frozen bag…thankfully the blue pale gave it away before she got in the house!πŸ™ƒ
And if Leah didn’t have enough to be excited about already, daddy got to hang out with her for the afternoon at school for an early Father’s Day that included fishing! 

Finally the big night! And like last year at this time, I once again found myself to be a little envious of all the “dance moms” I was surrounded by. I didn’t dance growing up, I played sports!! I don’t know what to do in these situations!!😬 This year we had the opportunity for Root to do makeup so Leah was excited about that…  And always thankful for big sister Skye, especially in situations like this!!😍  So once the hair and makeup were done it was showtime!!  And it was perfect!! Leah did an amazing job and really seemed to enjoy herself being out on stage!

But I think what she enjoyed most was getting flowers from grandpa and grandma Lalk!

The Friday night performance didn’t get us home until about 10pm which everyone crashed the minute we walked in the house! Then Saturday…we did it all over again! Skyler did Leah’s hair, Root did the makeup and then this time Tim and I left Skyler and the boys at home so that Asher didn’t have to try and sit through the two hour show all over again!

The superhero theme was really upbeat with a lot of fun songs which made for a great afternoon of entertainment! Thank you to the great instructor and assistants who do such a wonderful job!   

 And just like Friday night, Leah loved getting more flowers from grandma Vicky and grandpa Steve! 

Everything about this girl steals daddy’s heart…    

And that melts mine😍   

  With all of Leah and her dancing…I am exhausted! 😜 Haha! But I sure do love the smell of flowers throughout our house!🌹

Today we finally had a day of nothing scheduled…a day of rest…kind of…well, not really😜 After church we all played outside in the water…   

  and got our garden started!! Better late than never!!  

It was a great day filled with fun and accomplishments and better yet, Leah came up to me out of the blue for a hug followed by informing me of what a fun day she had with her family!😍😊

This is what living life is all about! 

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