Ocular histoplasmosis 

As I have mentioned in the past, I have another eye surgery coming up in July. I have had surgery on my right eye once and then my left eye five times so far. My doctor has been convinced the damage is due to my fm and since I also have diabetes, he feels that the two combined is the cause for such aggressive damage to my eyes!😕

I know a lot of those with fm have these same issues and have questioned if eye sight can really be a result from the illness so I am attaching a clip from one of the news channels that is doing a series on histoplasmosis and the damage it is capable of causing. And while there isn’t much information in this short clip, the illness is out there and getting known! This is someone’s story and that seems to be the only way we can spread awareness due to the rarity of our situation. And by sharing our stories, we are assisting doctors with learning how to help us!!

I will definitely be sharing this with my opthamologist next month in hopes of finding better treatment options instead of the painful and ongoing eye surgeries!

Environmental Attack: Margie’s Story

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