Do We Really Want To Go This Route?

Had a follow up on my lungs yesterday and we finally have the start of a plan. It was confirmed that yes, I still have some masses growing and they continue to do damage to my body. Really this is no surprise to us though, my symptoms gave that answer away three years ago and ever since we have been monitoring the progression.

The difference this time is that my newer problematic areas are in locations where stents are not an option, something that had mostly worked for me in the past.

The doctor strongly feels that we are now at that point where we need to do some type of intervention so I will be starting the chemotherapy drug that the Mayo Clinic had been doing for other patients with fm. It sounds to be successful although they have not been able to get the research off the ground due to funding. Of course the idea of chemo infusions sounds scary to me but this is not the typical “poison.” Yes, I may have some side effects but it sounds like mostly I will be sick and tired a few days…but hey, isn’t that the story of my life?!😜

While this treatment will not reverse any of my current symptoms, we are hopeful that it will prevent anymore.

And, since I have diabetes, Dr. Hornick said my immune system is already messed up so this chemo very well could bring on a whole new world of problems. But, he also said if I don’t do the chemo then the masses will continue to grow, pressing more on my airways as well as making my hypertension worse, leading to more pressure and damage on my heart and lungs. Not really a win win scenario.

I did some scans yesterday to get a baseline so when we start the chemo we can monitor the growth…which hopefully there won’t be anymore. 

We still have to get a lot of things worked out before this can all get approved. We also have a lot of questions to be answered but the doctor was looking for me to start within six weeks. Plus, now that this option is finally available to me, I have a lot of praying to do. We will continue to trust God in the following days ahead.

Please continue to prayer for Aaron, Tim’s brother as he battles his 3rd round against leukemia. 

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