Happy Fourth of July!

Four weeks and three days since I’ve been down with my back…but hey who’s counting?!😜 While I haven’t been able to participate in too many activities, the kids have still been able to enjoy the summer and Fourth of July holiday weekend!

The kids wrapped their week up at vacation bible school with our church and what an awesome time they had!! One of the highlights was that if the kids learned their bible verse then they got to throw a pie in one of our pastor’s face…Leah had her verse memorized the first night! ☺️

What impressed me most, however, was the fact that while Leah counted down the days until she got to throw a pie, she actually learned the whole story of Joseph! One night as she was telling me her verse to ensure she knew it…for the third time, I finally asked what other things they had been talking about. Leah immediately began telling me about Joseph and how Joseph’s brothers didn’t like him so they threw him in a pit and sold him then their dad thought he was dead. I sat quietly as she continued through with the whole story and also shared some of the activities they had been working on that went along with their story.

The fact that she was having soooo much fun, yet learning a story out of the bible, made me extremely grateful for the group leaders and pastors and everyone that she comes in to contact with at church. And Asher too came home every night talking a mile a minute about what they did, and while he is hard to understand at times, his excitement and smile said it all!😍

Needless to say, vbs was a smash…no pun intended…well maybe a little!πŸ™ƒ Apparently the pastor got 50 pies thrown in his face and Leah had told me “some girl” even threw two pies at him…which I later found out was the pastor’s wife! Haha! What a fun and creative way for kids to learn part of the most important book written!!

We also got invited to a bonfire as some of Tim’s family were back home visiting from out of state. Once we arrived all four kids were off and running! It’s nice when they have kids, other than their siblings, to play with. It also gives me a break from chasing after them!😜There was a serious game of kickball going on so I just watched from the sidelines and visited with the cooler people who weren’t playing!😎😏

It was a fun night of catching up with everybody and just laying low while the kids got to have a lot of fun hanging out with their cousins.

This weekend I also attempted to try and accomplish something…anything…with housework. I have been frustrated with how much “stuff” Leah and Asher manage to get in to so I figured nothing easier than cleaning out one of the toy boxes because I can sort and organize all of that at ground level while laying down. But when I actually dumped the toys out and saw this…  I realized this was the wrong project to do when I am not in motion!! Definitely a lot of toys but also a lot of clothes and garbage!! Needless to say I don’t like to quit until a job is done…and this really got me moving!  So with ibuprofen, a lot of organizing and two garbage bags full later…mission accomplished!πŸ˜‰ 

 Needless to say that was all I got done over the weekend but it was more than I have done this past month. 

Overall it’s been a nice long weekend filled with family, fun, bonfires and good food…and we still have our actual Fourth of July celebration to go!  


I wonder if he realizes that he lost his hotdog!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ    

Enjoy your Fourth of July everyone!

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