Three simple words 

This morning I had my MRI and while it was extremely challenging being on a flat hard table for 41 minutes in the condition my back/leg are in…I made it through.

I have never experienced this amount…or this type of excruciating pain…and I’ve dealt with tremendous amounts of pain over my lifetime. I am not able to take more than maybe 10 steps, yet now crawling is even unbearable. It is simply indescribable. I was hopeful that a radiologist would be at the hospital today to read my scans, however, I have yet to get a phone call so maybe tomorrow!   Until then, I have been reading books to distract myself and to make time go by. I have continued to bed hop from Leah’s room, to Nathan’s room and to the quiet room but regardless, I can’t get comfortable anywhere I go and with such limited mobility now, I have resorted back to my little “nest” on the floor in our bedroom…closest to the bathroom too!!

Once settled back in my spot, I had to wipe the uncontrolled tears that now come on demand at any slight movement I make. Finally on my back my eyes reverted up to the ceiling…and I saw this…  

So much for wiping my tears!! I called Tim barely able to talk and he explained first that it was permanent marker! Haha!

He went on to explain his reasoning for the writing which was so much more than I ever imagined. On the way to chores tonight he heard this…

I am now going to go listen to this song, my new favorite by the way, and stare at those words on the ceiling until I fall asleep. Our God is so good and how blessed and extremely thankful I am that God chose Tim to be walking this journey with me! 

Tonight God gave me a glimpse of what amazing and beautiful things He can do through our pain…

5 thoughts on “Three simple words 

  1. Sara says:

    Becky, I am so sorry for all the pain you are in and hope you find relief soon. What an amazing husband you have – this post brought tears to my eyes! Thinking of you and praying that you will get answers tomorrow!

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  2. James Lalk says:

    Becky Each time I read your post my heart aches, but yet is filled with joy at the FAITH & TRUST you have in your Lord & Savior. We got word this morning of your back surgery & pray that this will be the answer to your extreme pain. When two hearts are joined together in Christian Love & Commitment each partner is a blessing! Tim is YOUR BLESSING & YOU are HIS BLESSING! The Good Lord doesn’t make mistakes! Hugs – Love & Prayers, Aunt Nancy

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