What A Great Way To Start Off The School Year

So I had another blog started that I intended to share but something pretty cool happened the other night that I wanted to write about.

First of all we have been so overwhelmed by the amount of blessings we have been receiving from so many of you. And again our church has blessed us in ways we never imagined and there are simply not enough words to thank them for everything they have provided and done for us! I keep saying I can’t wait to get better so that I can be on the other end of providing the blessings to others instead of always receiving the blessings. 

And yet when I thank them, each and every one of them tells me that it’s really no big deal…but to us it is. It’s a HUGE deal! The meals, the help with childcare, just everything that you guys have done for us are tremendous blessings and we cannot thank you enough. You really have no idea how picking up the kids to play for a couple of hours while Tim is at chores, or providing a meal makes things so much easier…especially on Tim because he is the one stuck doing everything right now! 

And I really do continue to pray that there is going to be a day where I will be able to make a meal for someone in need…or I will do whatever I can to help someone who is struggling. You blessing us encourages and gets us excited to bless others!! And the best part about it all?? We get to explain to our kids that you are helping us because I am sick and you are doing what God wants us to do! 

God wants us to love each other and help each other and what an amazing example you are to our children. So yeah…it really is a big deal what you all do because you are also making an impact on our kids…and to me, that is the most important thing! Leah loves to pray at meals and has started to pray and thank  Jesus for having people bring us food…and for doing nice things for us! You may be blessing us with meals and childcare but you are also blessing our children by showing them how to be servants. How can we ever thank you for that?!😭

We even had one of the pastors and his family come over to worship and pray with us at our home one Sunday since I have not been able to attend church in so long, but again that’s in the other blog I had started to write so I will try to finish that up and share it within the next day or two.

But, the hardest thing for me with basically being bedridden was the fact that my daughter is in colorguard and Friday night was the first football game of the year. I am still having quite the pain and discomfort and of course due to the restrictions of me basically only being able to do extremely minimal walking, I was not able to go to the game.

And yes I am one of those parents who tries to make it to every event my kids are in but unfortunately that has been a struggle for me to accomplish because of my health this last couple of years. I have missed volleyball games, football games and then colorguard performances just to name a few. And with this summer of me having three surgeries all within a couple of months and losing some mobility of my right leg and foot, along with all of the restrictions, I was obviously going to miss the first football game of the season and that was killing me.

All week I continued to bug Skye asking her if any of the parents were going to be videotaping the performance or if their coach would be taping it and posting it on Facebook and she just kept replying that she didn’t know. 

So Friday night came and as she was getting ready to head back to the high school to get ready for the game, I of course started my routine speech of encouragement that she would do great, she had nothing to be nervous about and that their team always does such an awesome job. I wished her luck, told her I that I loved her and then when she got into her car and left I sat down and cried. 

Again, you might think I’m overreacting but when I encourage my kids to participate in things I feel it’s just as important for us as parents to be there to show them that we are supporting them. Because honestly what’s the point of them going out for something and then us not showing up? What does that say for me as a mom when I tell them they need to be participating in things, at least trying different opportunities that are given to them and having things to do because it’s important for them, yet then I never go to watch? Personally if that was me and my parents never showed up for my stuff I would be disappointed.

Anyway. Tim took the kids to chores with him and then I took a nap. My medications seem to make me very tired and I have also been struggling with low blood pressure so I have been sleeping a lot. When Tim got home from chores he said “hey I’ve got something for you outside I want you to see but give me a few minutes” so I said okay but thought oh great, what did he bring home now? Another cow? Another horse? What kind of animal? 

But, just like that I fell back to sleep. So Tim comes in again and said seriously are you ready to come outside but then again he said he just needed like two minutes and left and yes I fell asleep that fast once again ha ha! Finally he comes in and says he’s ready for me to come out so I went to put on my beautiful white compression socks that I wear for circulation and he says “uh you know, I don’t think you really need those you’re not gonna be outside very long.” 

I thought that was weird because he is always on me making sure I’m doing exactly what the doctor says but whatever, so in my lounge Iowa Hawkeye shorts and sweatshirt, Tim helped me up the stairs then I put on my fancy foot brace along with my tennis shoes, grabbed my walker and went outside to see Skyler and the entire colorguard standing in my driveway! 😩😭😩😭😍😍😜

I immediately started crying and Melissa, the coach stated since I couldn’t come to them they came to me. And then they went on to perform an amazing routine and yes I cried the entire time, I cried after they left, I cried when I called my family and friends to tell them about it and yes, I’m crying right now!πŸ€“I’m just so overwhelmed by the surprise and the thoughtfulness of these young ladies and men who went out of their way to do this for me.

This is an excellent example of the character, the kindness, the generosity and the support not only that the coaches and instructors and the principals demonstrate but also that the students have at our schools and what great role models they were for our younger kids! Leah absolutely loved it!

I believe this is by far the best surprise I have ever received and you young ladies and gentleman have no idea how much it meant to me so thank you very much.

Here is the video…


Love you always and forever Skyler and I didn’t want to let you go!πŸ’žπŸ’ž

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