Trials and blessings…

I am officially two months past my second back surgery so I will give a quick update on the little setbacks before I share what we have been up to! 

As for my back, I have definitely been doing a lot better than I was. I am walking without my walker, I am walking without my foot brace and I don’t have to use a shower chair! Amen to that and I never imagined I would be praising the Lord for not having to use a walker at my age!😜There is one particular spot, however, that has been extremely sore and has caused some new problem areas for me. Basically, my back has been so bad and I have been down for so long that extra stress was put on other areas in my back causing more wear which has led to more pain in which some of my joints are now being affected. The doctor did suggest a cortisone injection but I graciously declined.πŸ˜‰ 

First off, I am nowhere near ready to be going in for any further type of procedures. Also, I would need to be off of my plavix and then the injection would also make my sugars skyrocket and at this point, I don’t feel my health is stable enough at this time to be off plavix or to be messing with my diabetes. So prayers are appreciated that I can begin walking to build up strength so that my back does not get to the point of needing surgical intervention or injections again. 

As far as my fm symptoms go, they have been kicking in full force. My heart is crazy fast with the heart palpitations and I usually have to sit down to catch my breath after I walk upstairs. My head has had that fun filled groggy and “full” feeling at night, in the mornings or even when I am just out and about. But again, I am hopeful that my stents are still open, the masses have not grown and possibly my symptoms are just the result of me doing the most I have done in over five months! I do go to Iowa City in a couple of weeks for my heart and should be able to get some more answers then. 

That has been the downfall of my health but I am hopeful it’s simply because I am starting to become more active again! I am back to church on Sunday mornings, I am doing a women’s bible study one night out of the week, small group a different night followed by finally being able to participate in life again with my family!! And I am living it up!!

We have celebrated Asher’s birthday…  

We have done lunch with princesses…   

 Pumpkins and hayrides…   

Nathan’s 1st orchestra concert of the year…  
And we even got the chance to take Asher and Leah up to Wisconsin to check out the pretty fall leaves and buy some delicious apples! Okay, honestly, the drive started off a little rough! I for some reason felt extremely sick. My fm symptoms were raging against me, my head felt like it was going to explode, my chest was pounding, my heart skipping beats and my tummy was churning. Are you kidding me?!

None of us have ever had motion sickness but this trip was making me reconsider if it was a wise choice for my first outing after five months stuck at home to be consumed with hills…and lots of curvy roads for over two hours!! Leah had to go to the bathroom “really really bad” and Asher also complained that his tummy hurt…which yep, he looked like I felt! 

I will spare details but once we found a gravel road…we all felt a lot better! And I have to give a huge shout out to my hubby because that first hour was, well, a nightmare, and I only contributed to it!! Oh how I am glad God continues to work in Tim’s heart because I am a very challenging wife at times…okay, a lot of times!πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚

Once we made it to our destination, the rest of the trip went smoothly and we all had a great time! 


Asher is definitely feeling better! 
   Tim might have lost it though from the ride there…




I got about halfway down the maze and decided I should probably stay back and just take pictures!😜

  Not to mention, best donuts ever…  

 It has been a long slow road to recovery with my back. And while I do continue to have my share of health struggles…that is really nothing new. Tim says the ups and downs with the weather is hard on his cows so he is convinced that is what is causing my problems as well right now!! Have I mentioned how much I love it when he compares me to his cows?! 😜

Praise the Lord that I have feeling in my leg and foot though! I am even able to drive and get groceries! I am moving, I am walking, I have seen Skyler and the colorguard team perform at the football game along with watching activities that Nathan and Leah are involved in. 

I am thanking God every day for the amount of blessings He provides, for putting the right people in our path that continue to encourage and support us through such a difficult season.  

But, I have to admit, even though it might have been a distraction to those around us…the most encouraging part of the week…Asher got the giggles during church…which led to Leah laughing! To me that is the most precious sound but since we were in the beginning of the service, I sat down to silence Asher…and instead…I buried my face in his head and giggled myself…only to sneak a peek up at Tim to find him laughing! In the midst of such trying times…we still have laughter! God still provides us with joy! 

I am cherishing every moment given to me and have faith that God is capable of absolutely anything and everything…and I know He is using my broken body and this very long and challenging season for our good and to glorify Him. 

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