Sweet company

I finally had my heart follow up yesterday in Iowa City, however, I am still waiting for the results. Even though it was a very long and trying 10 hour day, which we always expect, yet hope for a quick in and out visit, I was beyond blessed to spend it with my husband and son! Asher did amazing! First off, he fell asleep on the way there almost immediately which I think really prepared him for our long adventure! He did however wake up in time to join his father in tormenting me with eating in front of my face, not only once…But twice!! And seriously…a diabetic going 17 hours without food is not pretty!After seeing my cardiologist, explaining my recent symptoms along with him doing a physical exam…and listening to my heart for quite some time, it was decided that we needed to do some labs and scans. Again, we expect this but always pray for a day of skipping out on pokes, nasty contrast and more radiation exposure from the machines. 

My doctor first wanted to confide in my pulmonologist to discuss his thoughts as well, and to see if my lung doctor wanted to run anymore tests on me before I left. They have been extremely hesitant to do scans because of the ridiculous amount I do on a routine basis. The last thing I need they said is to start having issues from all of the dye and radiation. 

The nurse had also explained that unfortunately I have “too many eggs in my basket”, making it extremely difficult to determine which problem is causing my symptoms. Of course back surgeries, the pain and stress on my body from all of that can also put more strain on my heart which already is working harder than it should be due to my fm but after my examination they felt it was best to do the heart angiogram with both doctors wanting to focus specifically on one area of my heart and one specific area of my lung. I am still hopeful that my symptoms have been full force due to me being more active since my back surgeries.

So we patiently waited in the waiting room while doctors hashed out their game plan and got everything set up. And Asher’s sweet contagious smiles and silliness… 

were truly God’s way of providing me comfort and amazing peace as I waited! 

Once doctors had talked, we were left waiting for another two hours before the next round of tests. Thankfully there had just been a cancellation or we would have been there longer! So, we hit all of the hot spots including the museum, library, gift shops and then spent the majority of our time on the roof enjoying the unusual warm and beautiful October weather.

And how deprived my child is that he has never been on an escalator so Asher and dad going up and down for ten minutes was a highlight of the trip…well for Asher, not for Tim! Haha! So labs were drawn from one arm and then as we were checking in for the next test I saw one of my regular nurses from interventional radiology and she stopped us in the hall to catch up on me. When she found out we had been at the hospital all day she told me to come and find her next time and she would make sure I got in immediately! 

If you have read my book, this is the nurse Deb who was able to talk my doctor in to giving me “bathroom privelages” when I had my blood clot and was not supposed to get out of bed for anything. So hey, if you haven’t read my book yet, make sure and go order it!😜

Anyway, she asked what I was having done and once I confirmed that yes I would need contrast she said “let’s go” and zipped me right back to a room to get prepped with an IV in my other arm. I must say, my enormous team of nurses and doctors and technicians truly do provide some relief…and lots of humor from our conversations to help lighten up the atmosphere when I am there so often.

And just like that we were done! Thankfully, with Tim driving and me getting something to eat right away, I did not get as sick as the last time I went alone and was able to make it home without having to pull over! 

I should be getting results back soon and was instructed to call my doctor by noon on Monday if I don’t hear back from them by then. I have been in this spot so many times and God has always gotten us through no matter what the outcome of my tests have been so I am prepared for whatever the results might show. 

This is our life and while the constant strain and pain and stress of one health issue leading to another health issue…we are okay! Each trip to Iowa City or each result from a test is another opportunity for Tim and I to grow as a couple, even though it can be challenging at times, and it is an opportunity to trust our loving Father even more! I know God is working through us and we have learned to appreciate the little things and when you appreciate the little things…you truly see how big they really are! 

So, while today I woke up in a tremendous amount of pain and fatigue, I was able to fight through another day and take the kids to the park by myself…not Skyler, not daddy…but me!!! It was maybe an hour tops between swinging, playing and walking across the bridge throwing rocks in the water! When we got home….from something so simple as taking them to the park…Leah and Asher went running to tell daddy all about it! 

Leah finished with telling him “this was the best day ever”…and I couldn’t agree with her more! Well, minus tonight when they decided to sneak a dry eraser marker upstairs to draw on the carpets but we’ll save that story for another day!!

2 thoughts on “Sweet company

    • Rebecca Lalk says:

      Thank you 🙂 It is so wonderful being able to do more things. Just trying to remember to take things slow since my back is still healing but so thankful for how far the Lord has brought me!!


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