One year…

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my first back surgery! I guess one thing good about posting on Facebook is the fact that we always have exact dates as to when events take place in our lives. Just reading Tim’s update made me cringe as the pain I had experienced for so long back then…is hard to forget…

While this surgery gave me some relief, it would be short lived as I believe in the following couple of weeks I would begin to have even worse back pain than before which would lead to my second back surgery resulting in several rods and screws being placed in my back. But hey, when Facebook pops up that fun filled memory I’ll make sure to share!😜

But again, I will always remember the tremendous pain I endured for so long…physical therapy and cortisone injections could not even touch it.

And one year later, here I am, helping my husband with cow chores…it’s not a glamous job… 

Especially when on blood thinners…

And unlike last year, I was able to take the kids to their swim lessons this time…

As well as to the swimming pool and parks…

We even hit a round of golf balls for the first time as a family!

And with Tim getting another full time job, my garden was the last thing on his list of things to do so I took it upon myself to do the entire garden this year! Even tilling and putting up a little fence to keep the critters away!! I was able to get him to water it a few times tho!

And the produce is turning out to be delicious!!

With me finally feeling halfway decent, I know Tim wishes he could be taking me on vacation, especially since it’s been several years now that we went anywhere. But compared to where I was at this time last year…I am living a vacation now!! 

Walks, swimming pools, parks, fireworks, parades and just having fun outside…to many of you that probably doesn’t sound like anything too exciting but to someone who couldn’t even walk to the bathroom, let alone go outside the entire summer last year…these little things are everything!

And while my fm symptoms have begun to flare up and slow me down again, they’re not stopping me from being outside enjoying the time with my kids…and getting a date night in here and there with my hubby! #nohehasntshaved

Life has been difficult and last year was even harder with me not being able to walk or do anything. I spent the entire summer down in the basement, using a foot brace and walker to get back and forth to the bathroom…going to the bathroom or doing my physical therapy exercises were the extent of my activity. Tim was left to do it all. It almost broke me physically and emotionally…and it almost broke our marriage…but we kept praying and looking to our family and friends for support…and we got through it! 

And while we both know that will not be the last time I need to rely 110% on Tim, he knows that I would do the same for him if the tables were turned. I am so extremely grateful that Tim has chosen to stick by me through it all and after the last year we had…I know he’s not going anywhere and is with me until death us do part! 

I am so thankful for how far the Lord has brought me this past year but no matter how bad the circumstances…you can still choose joy, and remember…there is always something to smile about!

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