Catch daddy in a moment of weakness and run with it!

No dogs he said…

I’m not a dog person he said…

Absolutely no dog in the house he said…

Isn’t she the sweetest thing ever?? Tim and I have been back and forth about getting a dog for quite some time. Of course I play the “kid” card…every kid needs a puppy right? Especially when we live on a farm! And then when he is on board, I have usually changed my mind because I am thinking I really don’t need anything else to deal with.

Finally we both agreed…at the same time…that maybe a dog would be good!  But of course we couldn’t settle on the same type of dog! I like the big dogs while Tim originally said if we got any dog it would be a smaller outdoor dog. 

Then a few of the kids were begging for an inside dog so the debate began between inside verses outside. Tim didn’t necessarily say no, but simply said he didn’t want to get stuck cleaning up the mess.

After a lot of researching for a dog that would fit our family, I of course only found the big dogs. The Great Pyrenees or the Bernese mountain dog is what I really began to have interest in. They are both great for cattle and amazing with children…but they are huge dogs so Tim said no…the first 10 times I brought them up to him!☺️

And then I see this sweet little Great Pyrenees for sale and really wanted her!! 

I showed Tim and he hesitantly agreed that she was a pretty cute dog! He also began to research them and told me to get it if I wanted. Wait! What?!

I obviously had expected him to say no just like every other time but this time he didn’t! I started researching even more to make sure this breed of dog would in fact be a good match for us. 

We attempted to set up a time to go meet the puppies but we would be driving 2 1/2 hours one way to go meet them…and Tim definitely did not have the time this weekend since he was working all of his jobs. I handled it well and accepted the fact that we would just have to wait until next week and if the dogs were still available then we would go.

But then Friday morning I received this text from Tim…

And that’s all it took…me and the three kids were out the door within the hour road tripping to go meet some puppies!!

She handled the drive home very well!😉

While she has been inside the house since we got her, we haven’t completely decided that she will be an indoor dog. If anything, she will stay inside until Tim can get the outside all ready for her with an invisible fence and dog house. But she sure is making herself comfy until then and the kids are loving so much on her…

Skyler has been out of town at her cousins so she was definitely surprised when she came home and asked me how I convinced dad to allow a puppy inside?!! I told her this cute dog did not need any covincing!

And even better… the puppy only got up once during the night for me to take her outside AND she has done awesome with only one accident in the house during the 36 hours we’ve had her!! Which that one little accident was due to me losing track of time!  

Now the final decision is what to name her.😬 We should hopefully have it picked out within the next day or so!! 

So…that’s what we’ve been up to on top of Tim’s 16 hour days! I mean, regardless of how busy we might be…we will make time for this sweet little puppy because kids have to grow up with a dog when we live on a farm right?! 

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