Why do you have so many nails in your back mommy?!

I forgot that I had to get an X-ray for my upcoming back appointment today so running last minute to get scans done last week meant that Asher and Leah got to tag along! They are at the age where they can both sit and behave now anyway so I figured while I was getting a scan they could sit back in the waiting room where I got changed into scrubs. 

Well, the nurses decided that the kids could actually just come in to the exam room and stand by them as they took the pictures. I don’t think the nurses planned to see so much hardware and I think Leah and Asher were pretty amazed as well. When we walked out of the room Leah’s eyes were real big as she asked why I had so many “nails” in me. 

So then today was the one year follow up from my second back surgery and I am happy to say I am finally officially released!! I don’t have to go back!! This means one less doctor for me to have to follow up with!! 

I do still have back pain on occasion and my right foot has a little bit of a numbing sensation, but compared to where I was at a year ago…this is an appointment worth celebrating!! The doctor stated again today that I was in a very “bad, bad situation” and we knew most likely my right leg/foot would never be the same. She reminded me of how bad I was and how little movement I had one year ago which had been concerning to them and even made them question how much healing would actually happen! Although I have some numbing, my strength has come back quite a bit and everyone is amazed with how far I have come!

As for my fm, I did end up going in last Thursday for a scan as I have had some pretty intense symptoms that won’t let up. Extreme fatigue is one of them but then I have also been throwing up blood and getting the infamous head pressure. 

My scans did reveal that my stents indeed are narrowing and possibly closed so I will be going back to Iowa City at the end of this week for a venogram with potential angioplasty and ballooning to open them back up. My doctor followed up by saying “usually you are seeing me within six months so this time you lasted a little longer” umm it’s been seven months since I had to get all six SVC stents opened up. Haha! I like his sense of humor and hey, I did last a month longer so I can’t complain. However, after he opens them up Friday I’m going to shoot for them to stay open at least a year!😉

With that being said, I thankfully don’t have too much else to report. This past weekend we were able to have one more family day out with all four of our kids before school begins and the chaos of activity schedules pick up!! 

We started off at Texas Roadhouse for lunch…

Followed by some go cart races…

And some miniature golf!

It wasn’t much but it was something different and we all had a great time…AND go figure it was Leah and Asher who got the hole in ones!! Haha! I also forgot how competitive I am!! Sorry for all the digs I got in Tim just because you were killin us!😬 

So that’s about it for now! My symptoms have definitely made life a little more challenging again these last couple of months but they haven’t gotten to the point of keeping me down! I know all will go as planned on Friday and I will make sure to update you on how my procedure goes!!

One thought on “Why do you have so many nails in your back mommy?!

  1. Suzan says:

    You are on our prayer list as well as mine! Keep looking up and God is always with you.
    Thanks for the update and keep us informed. Love to you and your family!

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