Six month mark!!

Today I had another appointment in Iowa City, this time with my cardiologist, so after playing catch with Asher before school…

and then getting all of the kids on the bus, I headed out!

After a good morning with the kids, an encouraging devotional and such beautiful weather, I was confident that today’s appointment was going to go well…and it did!!

My regular nurse checked my vitals then asked if I was by myself which I replied “yep.”

She then said that was unusual since my husband has always been with me. I informed her that a new job had taken away that flexibility for him to attend all of my appointments but as long as the weather is good, and as long as I’m not having a procedure done, I don’t mind flying solo!

I reviewed my symptoms with the med student and then the doctor came in and assured me that the pulmonary stents and past scans looked good, my pulmonary pressures were great and from his end, he had no concerns regarding the angioplasty we had done back in February!

I was also ecstatic to hear that instead of four months, I don’t need to come back for six months to follow up and do another ct scan.

I did forget to mention to him though that I will actually be back in a couple of months to do another ct scan for my SVC stents due to them narrowing so most likely my cardiologist will be able to look at those scans without me having to repeat the same testing a few months later.

As we were finishing our discussion my doctor randomly said to me “don’t be afraid to overdo it, keep pushing yourself.” I smiled and said that was reassuring because I definitely do push myself to the limit and he simply replied “good!”

I walked out to the hall and called Tim to fill him in on how well my appointment had went. I told him what the doctor had said about me pushing myself and Tim joked saying obviously God put Tim in my life to do just that.

Tim knows when I’m not active because of my symptoms and he knows when I’m not doing something because I’m in a funk and just tired of being sick and tired so…he challenges me! And boy does he make me mad some days haha! But we all need someone who puts those hard truths in front of us and I am thankful that Tim is able to do that for me…all while managing to make me laugh at the same time! He pushes me to fight and he pushes me because he knows I am capable of so much more. He reminds me of the blessings around me and he pushes me to not give in to this illness!

So yes, I do actually agree with Tim this time that one of the reasons God brought him in to my life was to do just this and I hope I am doing the same for Tim!

No trips to Iowa City now for three months!! Thank you all for your support and continued prayers!!

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