A good beginning

Second day of summer and this little guy was already stuck with me at an appointment…

Today I had my follow up eye appointment with a new doctor and I will admit I was a little nervous as to how it would go! Since this was a whole new clinic I had to fill out my extensive medical history and I couldn’t help but giggle as I whispered to myself, “these poor doctors have no idea what is coming.”

The nurse called me back to a room where we reviewed my medical history, which went extremely smooth, and then she checked my vision, pressures and dilated my eyes for scans. Asher and I were then sent back to the waiting room area until the new doctor was ready to see me.

I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the process had gone and we were barely in the waiting room before I was called back again to see the doctor. He introduced himself then examined my eyes. He had already reviewed my history to know my injections had been pushed back to eight weeks, meaning I would be due for an injection within the next week or so! I had prepared myself for an injection today yet had been praying I would not need it.

The doctor concluded that my vision was great, pressures were great and my eyes looked great so he wanted to hold off on any injections at this time!!! A few months ago I had gone to Iowa City for a second opinion regarding these injections and that doctor had also said he would probably just monitor my progress without injections so I was 110% confident in this new doctor’s decision! I was beyond ecstatic and gave Asher a thumb’s up!!

I do, however, need to return in one month to repeat the same scans. While this is wonderful news, we do need to monitor things pretty close right now. Since I had been getting injections so regularly we really have no idea just how much the injections were helping so we want to make sure the swelling and leaking of blood vessels in my eyes does not progress too fast to the point of causing vision loss.

Asher and I topped the day off with a quick lunch before heading back home…

I will have a diabetic follow up at the end of the month and then I return to the eye doctor in one month. I am not scheduled for any Iowa City appointments until August so I am looking forward to enjoying the summer with my kids!

I heard this song the other week and wanted to share!! While I was quick to thank God for today’s report, I am also grateful for the struggles I have endured because they have given me the opportunity to re-examine what truly is important in this life. I was finally able to see just how good God really is and how He used my heartache, my pain, my procedures and my surgeries to draw me closer to Him!

One thought on “A good beginning

  1. Jo says:

    HI! I am curious where you are going for treatment now. I am now on a 5 week routine for shots, but will have my next one June 28 with Dr. Petrie. I am VERY nervous!. Glad you are doing well. Your “God Wink Friend”. Jo

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