Here’s to another year

I decided to push my procedure back from December 27th until January 14th, the next available date, so that I could enjoy the holiday with my family. I assured Tim and my doctors that I had minimal symptoms and overall felt okay! My husband doesn’t get much vacation time for work but they do shut down over Christmas so we decided to head down to Gulf Shores to bring in the new year and we were blessed with beautiful weather…

The water was perfect!
Spent one day over in Florida seeing grandma and grandpa! Kids took a quick dip in their heated pool!
Faith, family…and the beach!
Eating at the Hangout with some pretty awesome views!
We did the Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day…at almost 80 degrees haha! Soooo fun with all four of us holding hands and running in to the Gulf! There were a lot of people so we stayed off to the side so the kids wouldn’t get run over…then dad runs us over🤣
Had a blast doing the plunge!
Mightier than the waves is His love for us

Once home, we took care of some odds and ends and the kids and I did a little bit of school…

They were doing school work then set down their glasses and asked me for a “refill”! I think we’ve been traveling too much 😜

Finally it was time for my procedure. Grandpa and grandma picked the kids up Thursday night then Tim and I took off early the next morning. Some things never change…

He makes me laugh!

I was so relieved to have some of my regular nurses and doctor this time! I was prepped for surgery and before I knew it they were wheeling me back to the operating room! Just as I’ve always described before…I was moved over to a long thin table and covered with warm blankets. Meds were given and even though this was my 28th angioplasty, it never gets easier! My stents ended up being completely closed so this time took a little longer to get them back open. While I have to stay awake during the procedure, I only remember bits and pieces but the nurse did have to wipe away my tears as my doctor informed me that I needed to come back in two months for another venogram and angio.

Two months…only eight weeks! Definitely not the news I wanted to hear but in that moment, I was just glad to see Tim in the recovery room! And knowing he was next to me….put me at ease and I was able to get some rest!

I was able to leave within a couple of hours and couldn’t wait to get in to my own bed.

I don’t know! Everything is just crazy right now! While our main objective has always been to do the least amount of intervention as possible…now our main objective is to do more intervention to keep my stents from closing all the way. The doctor who did my procedure back in October suggested maybe needing new stents but my doctor said we have already done stents inside of stents and I have six in one area so he did not feel this would be a good option. It’s like layers and if you keep adding layers, eventually the area gets more narrow so it would basically defeat our purpose. I am hopeful that in two months the stents will still be open and we can start pushing my appointments back again!

Either way, it is what it is and I have been slowly recovering and enjoying life with my family…even if it needs to be from the sidelines for a few days..

Finally enough snow to play in!

I am thankful that the Lord is still providing wisdom to my doctors in order for them to figure out the most beneficial ways to intervene!

Hope you all are having a great start to the new year and I will plan to update you after March 22nd!

One thought on “Here’s to another year

  1. Cheryl Segebarth says:

    God will go before you, walk beside you, stand behind you. “I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20

    I wish so much you didn’t have to go through this.
    So glad you and your family got to enjoy that beautiful vacation!
    Sending love, hugs, and continued prayers!
    Bob and Cheryl

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