Time flies when you’re having fun

Another busy and fun filled weekend spent with both of our families! Friday night we were able to see Leah perform the songs and dances and verses she had learned all week during vacation bible school at Horton Baptist. Grandpa or grandma Lalk drove her every night along with cousins Haley and Jace. I bet that was quite the car ride as all three kids sure were wound up when they got together! Leah came home every night explaining with excitement all she had learned and done! The program was great, followed by a picnic and some dodge ball. 

You know me and my crazy emotions so I did have to fight back a few tears as I watched Skyler and Nathan engaged in such a serious game of dodge ball! Skyler is 15 and Nathan is 11, at that age where we are starting to run in to some typical…and not so typical issues with them. It made me so extremely happy to see both of them laughing, playing and just having so much fun! 

Life is hard and again, it’s moments like these where you realize all the struggles and challenges that we are faced with everyday…are so worth it!! Thank you uncle John and aunt Brenda for doing an amazing job of planning such an awesome week for the kids, as well as for inviting Leah.  Thank you to Horton Baptist Church for making Leah so excited to learn about Jesus and thank you to all of the people from the church who have prayed for and welcomed us, and especially helped Sklyer and Nathan to feel comfortable enough to participate in the games…even if they did about lose their head at times πŸ˜‰ I’m not kidding….those balls were flying! Oh, and Asher did his share of helping pick up at the end of the night…   

Saturday we then traveled to Dubuque for my nephew Gabe’s graduation party! Once again the kids were excited to road trip to go see everyone. My sister Michelle and brother in law Jeff again did an awesome job with the food and set up of the party.    It was fun to see all of the cousins get a chance to hang out and play some games…


And even uncle Ryan got to join in… 

I should say that Gabe is the youngest of four so he is the last to graduate from high school. I’m sure this was difficult on my sister but they have done an amazing job with raising their kids! I have to admit I didn’t get too emotional at the party ONLY because I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that my sister’s kids are all graduated…and I have two that haven’t even started school!!! Oh my…what have we done?! 😜

Our entire family was together, something that doesn’t happen too often but I love when we do get the opportunity to spend time with each other…and that means camera time! With the grandkids, well this is as good as it gets, especially when we make them stare into the sun for the picture…


And I wonder what Leah and Keira were scheming…

Then for our entire family…the following is when one of the guys taking the pictures called out Asher for being the only one that was not looking…but if you ask me it’s Gabe and Tyler that seem to have that problem πŸ˜‰


And this was our ride home…a very long ride home… 

Sunday topped off the weekend with church and dinner at the Lalk’s where Tim’s parents along with us, his sister, his brother and all of their families get together for lunch. It also gives everyone the chance to catch up on each other’s week…all 19 of us…8 adults and 11 kids…and that’s not including his other sister and her family! Always great food and company!

I absolutely love our families and always enjoy being able to spend time with everyone! We are so blessed and really hope that our kids will be able to carry on the traditions of family get togethers, family love and family fun!

Now I need to go to bed so I have the energy to start a new day all over again tomorrow πŸ˜‰

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